Your weekly travel and aviation Quote-a

    The Blue Swan Daily brings you a roundup of the most thought-provoking and interesting comments from those industry leaders in the know.

    AirAsia Group deputy CEO digital & technology Aireen Omar:

    “We are positive that our transformation into a travel and financial platform company is gaining momentum this year. We have seen encouraging growth for our platform businesses especially Teleport, which manages the aircraft freight belly space of AirAsia and third party airlines”.

    Wizz Air CEO József Váradi announced an optimistic outlook for FY2020:

    “Higher fuel prices are supporting a stronger fare environment and we expect these macro conditions to provide Wizz Air with market share opportunities as weaker carriers withdraw unprofitable capacity”.

    Lufthansa Group CEO Carsten Spohr said aviation “has been enjoying disproportionate growth for years” and that investment and modernisation of infrastructure “cannot keep up with this pace”:

    “The market in general may be growing slower over the coming years, but infrastructure will not grow as strongly, so at some point, the limits of capacity will have been reached”. Mr Spohr said “quality growth” is preferable to “blind growth”, with infrastructure that is in line with demand. “If that is not possible, we have to talk about a realistic cap on growth, for example, a maximum number of flights for individual airspace zones”, he concluded.

    Qatar Airways Group CEO Akbar Al Baker on IATA encouraging more airlines to give scholarships for pilot training:

    “Becoming a pilot is still a dream for men and women, we need to enable them to fulfill their dreams to fly aeroplanes”, he said. Mr Al Baker added: “If we do this, I don’t think there will be any shortage of pilots. In fact there could be excess in the pilot population”.

    Star Alliance CEO Jeffery Goh believes Asiana Airlines will maintain its competitiveness despite the airline’s proposed sale:

    “I would say Asiana is not really up for sale. It’s just transfer of some 30% of ownership, and we don’t believe this will have any impact in terms of Asiana as a member of Star Alliance, nor would there be any impact in terms of Asiana providing network and customer service proposition to Star Alliance”.

    Vietnam Airlines CEO and president director Duong Tri Thanh:

    “There is increased competition not only in the domestic market, but in the international market because of the presence of new airline models. There is over capacity and a decrease in average fares”, adding however it “helps boost demand for the industry and motivates full service carriers, including us, to improve service quality to compete better”.