Your weekly travel and aviation Quote-a

    The Blue Swan Daily brings you a roundup of the most thought-provoking and interesting comments from those industry leaders in the know.

    Sabre Corporation president and CEO Sean Menke on the company’s 1Q2019 result:

    “The company continued to meet and exceed our internal milestones and are gaining velocity in our technology transformation and evolved customer engagement approach during 1Q2019”.

    Aircastle CEO Mike Inglese on its aircraft leased to Brazilian carriers:

    “Our asset management skills were recently highlighted, with the successful recovery and transition of ten Airbus A320-200 aircraft from Avianca Brazil to LATAM Airlines Group. In line with our earlier expectations, the aircraft will begin to return to service during the 2Q2019. In addition, we have lease commitments and are in the process of transitioning the seven Boeing 737 family aircraft that were previously on lease with Jet Airways”.

    Kenya Airways Group MD and CEO Sebastian Mikosz  reported (30-Apr-2019) passenger revenue of KES95.1 billion (USD943 million), cargo revenue of KES8.5 billion (USD84.3 million) and revenue from other business areas, including ground handling, MRO and training, of KES10 billion (USD99.1 million) in 2018:

    “Had the oil prices remained constant, within the 2017 range, we would have recorded a significant savings in fuel cost within the year. This would have been a… much-needed positive recording in our bottom line”. Mr Mikosz added: “We have a dedicated team looking at multiple solutions to cushion the airline against the shock of potential further rise in fuel cost and forex volatility in 2019. We are very optimistic that the turnaround strategies we have employed will deliver results”.

    Air Sénégal CEO Philippe Bohn on the airline having a “very pragmatic and realistic” strategy, adding:

    “We have to adapt to the reality of our market if we want to have a chance.” Mr Bohn commented on other African government owned carriers, stating: “Usually, when a government wants an airline they put in equity, they spend all the cash on the operations, and after a few years the government is fed up with providing cash and the airline collapses”.

    SEA SpA CEO Armando Brunini on negotiations for the purchase of Alitalia:

    “We are rooting for Alitalia, hoping that whatever decision is made is not against the market”. He said the carrier has an “important presence” in Milan, though to a lesser extent than in the past. “As a system we can absorb the shock if things don’t go well… but we need to develop ourselves in a regulatory context that leads to liberalisation and not protectionism.”

    Expeditors International of Washington President and CEO Jeffrey S Musser on reporting airfreight tonnage decreased 4% year-on-year in 1Q2019:

    “The air market was the only area that was challenged, particularly as customers reduced export volumes out of North Asia. I credit our air group for their efforts in a volatile pricing environment”.