Your weekly travel and aviation Quote-a

The Blue Swan Daily brings you a roundup of the most thought-provoking and interesting comments from those industry leaders in the know.


Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce on the request for extension of the partnership with Emirates

“Regulatory approval to extend the partnership cannot be taken for granted but there is a really strong case to be made for its extension given the increase in competition between Australia and Europe over the past five years.”


Emirates Airline president Sir Tim Clark on the Qantas partnership

The carrier remains committed to its partnership with Qantas, and the airline sees and an opportunity to offer customers an even stronger product proposition for travel to Dubai, and onward connectivity to our extensive network in Europe, Middle East and Africa”. Emirates will “announce updates in the coming weeks”.


Former British Airways CEO Rod Eddington on Heathrow expansion costs, expresses doubt over increased fees

“We can’t gild the lily – we need a new runway, but if it’s not affordable, it runs the risk of driving business away from Heathrow, not attracting it”. Sir Rod also raised concerns over increased aircraft landing charges to offset expansion costs, which Heathrow’s CEO John Holland-Kaye has stated is “categorically untrue”.


Qatar Airways Group CEO Akbar Al Baker on the carrier’s plans to launch an airline in India

“India is a big market and we will definitely start operations there, however the carrier has no interest in Air India as we want to launch our own airline.” Mr Al Baker accused some carriers in India of trying to block Qatar Airways from its plan but hoped the “Indian government will not favour them only”. “We will overcome this opposition because travellers in India deserve more”, he said, citing the government’s business friendly policies.


AirAsia X CEO Benyamin Ismail on the carrier’s 2Q2017 performance ‘exceeding expectations’

“Performance exceeded expectations however we did see a bit of a slow down in yields because seasonally second and third quarters are slightly slower” and added: “We did see a bit of a slow down in China. I think a lot of the other carriers have seen that as well”. On the Australia market, Mr Ismail noted: “There’s a lot of capacity going in there, we’re actually reviewing our capacity in Australia. We may look at doing some capacity management going into Australia”.


Copa Airlines CEO Pedro Heilbron sees partnership with Avianca and United a possibility

“We’re in Star Alliance and we have United as a partner, so it would be very easy for us three to do something together”. He also stated the expansion of Wingo to other countries could happen, although the focus is to consolidate on the routes currently being served.


TUI Group CEO Fritz Joussen on the need for airline consolidation in Europe

“I think in time there will be exits of competitors in Europe and we just need to take care of how those exits are managed”, he said. On airberlin, Mr Joussen stated the carrier’s insolvency “is not a bad thing… But we are looking at it through the lens of our people and customers”.