Your weekly travel and aviation Quote-a

    The Blue Swan Daily brings you a roundup of the most thought-provoking and interesting comments from those industry leaders in the know.

    Norwegian CEO Bjørn Kjos on the airline’s Aug-2018 traffic results:

    “I am also pleased to see that despite a high increase in available seats, we are filling the planes. Our capacity growth is still high, but in line with our strategy, the growth will slow down compared to previous months. We have been through a long period of strong growth and going forward we will reap what we have sown for the benefit of our customers, staff and shareholders”.

    easyJet CEO Johan Lundgren on the airline continuing to negotiate with the Italian Government on its interest in acquiring Alitalia’s short haul operations. Mr Lundgren emphasised the need for any ownership changes to make sense strategically and operationally:

    “Those are the things we are looking for and those are the discussions we are having… And sometimes the discussions are progressing faster and sometimes they are progressing a little bit slower. Mr Lundgren noted the Italian Government seeks to retain at least 51% of Alitalia, stating: “The government and the state would like to have a stake in there but that still leaves things open for potential other partnerships… So that’s what we are in discussions with them about”.

    United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz on the modernisation of airport infrastructure in Hawaii:

    “We couldn’t be more supportive of a faster, better modernisation of the product that is the image of Hawaii to the millions of tourists that come here … All of us that fly here constantly have seen the effects of time”.

    IndiGo designate CEO Gregory Taylor on India is the “most exciting country right now for the world of aviation”:

    “I spent most of my career in the US, where the population is around 330 million and there are 5000 airplanes serving commercial transportation… In India, there are 1.2 billion people and if you add all the airlines including IndiGo, there are just 500-600 airplanes. So, we have essentially one-tenth the number of planes [compared to the US] serving about four times the population. So, the growth opportunity for aviation is spectacular”.

    JetBlue Airways CEO Robin Hayes on the trans Atlantic market versus the US midwest market:

    “Not that we can’t add some of these other smaller cities or medium sized cities over time, but the next best source of value for us is to add the destinations that have the most relevance, so London, Paris, and other European countries”.

    Philippine Airlines president and CEO Jaime Bautista on ongoing negotiations to join an unspecified airline alliance:

    “The alliance has told us it’s probably going to be a two year process, but nevertheless it’s a process that has already started. The alliance membership will help give Philippine Airlines access to more interior points in Europe and North America, as well as the continents of Africa and South America where we can tap new sources of traffic”.

    Avolon CEO Domhnal Slattery on trade wards between China, Europe and the US leading to “all in economic turmoil”:

    “I do know that Boeing, who sell 25% all their aircraft into China, is very concerned about the impact of tariffs that China may or may not put on Boeing equipment… Some of the implications of what is going on, when you think about, is the concerns of the trade war are now flowing into emerging market currency concerns”.

    UK based shareholder advisory group Pension & Investment Research Consultancy (PIRC) advising Ryanair shareholders against the re-election of CEO Michael O’Leary ahead of the carrier’s AGM later in Sep-2018:

    “The increasing amount of issues faced and insufficient response by the company and its hierarchy puts its reputation at stake and thus potentially damaging shareholder value… As the chief executive officer is the most accountable figure in the company’s affairs, an oppose vote is recommended”.