Your weekly travel and aviation Quote-a

The Blue Swan Daily brings you a roundup of the most thought-provoking and interesting comments from those industry leaders in the know.

easyJet CEO Johan Lundgren on interest in European consolidation:

“There is a long tail of small operators that might find themselves in difficulty. We want to be part of consolidation. But we will only do it if it strategically makes sense, commercially makes sense and if we can operationally deal with it”.

XL Airways France CEO Laurent Magnin on trans Atlantic low cost long haul competition:

“The situation in Europe is really interesting… Now, the big carriers have their own low cost airlines… That’s the case with British Airways and Lufthansa, and it could be the case with Air France one of these days. Do we stay independent, or do we become a branch of a legacy one of these days due to the competition?”.

ATL Partners (ATL) CEO and SKY Leasing chairman of the board Frank Nash on agreeing to sell Sky Aviation Leasing International Limited (SALI) to Goshawk Aviation Limited:

“ATL invests in the aerospace, transportation and logistics sectors. SALI was a perfect expression of our focus on these sectors, as its activities involve all three. It also provided an opportunity to deploy significant amounts of capital globally on behalf of the fund directly and through co-investment by its limited partners”.

Singapore Airlines CEO Goh Choon Phong on discussions with Singaporean authorities regarding new fees to help finance runway and terminal construction at Singapore Changi Airport:

“We want to work very closely with Changi to make sure that not just the immediate concerns, but the longer term concerns of the airport, and the ecosystem and the hub in Singapore continue to be something that we can nurture and grow”.

fastjet CEO Nico Bezuidenhout on the lack of market access in Africa:

“When you are dealing with 54 independent states and 54 different air operator certificates, the ambition to be a pan-African carrier is quite grandiose if you have a single cookie cutter type of approach. There needs to be more conviction, well beyond the Single African Air Transport Market. There needs to be action towards a greater level of standardisation at civil aviation authority level”.

Air Belgium CEO Niky Terzakis on choosing Brussels South Charleroi Airport over Brussels Airport as a base:

“They’ve built a remarkably efficient operation driven by years of operational expertise with LCC operators… From an accessibility standpoint Charleroi is very conveniently situated outside the very congested areas around Brussels where lack of mobility is severely impacting businesses… Reduced driving times towards Charleroi versus Brussels Zaventem is such that catchment area for Charleroi is enlarged and includes the North of France, Luxembourg, and neighbouring regions”.

Air New Zealand CEO Christopher Luxon on rumours he is moving to Fonterra:

“Over recent months many of you have asked me, as I have moved around the business or at various town hall meetings, whether I will be leaving Air New Zealand to go to Fonterra… While I was approached about the role, I want to end the speculation and reassure everyone that I remain very committed to Air New Zealand and to working hard with all of you on converting the tremendous opportunities we have in front of us”.

Fiji Airways CEO and MD Andre Viljoen on the challenges in recruiting pilots to support the carrier’s growth objectives:

“We have shown a business case where it shows that it is good to develop our own simulator centre and the spare time because we won’t be using it freely, we will use it for the other airlines. And they are already queuing up. I mean would you rather go to Singapore for your training and sit in the heat and traffic and everything or you can come here and enjoy it at a much cheaper cost. So I think it’s going to be a big thing… We had pilots waiting for a month. Their licence is going to expire. We can’t get a booking for several months, four to five months. Then what happens, they have to wait for a month before they can go into the simulator”.