Your weekly travel and aviation Quote-a

    The Blue Swan Daily brings you a roundup of the most thought-provoking and interesting comments from those industry leaders in the know.

    Med-View Airline CEO Muneer Bankole  on plans to commence new routes to Houston, Johannesburg and Lisbon:

    “These future destinations are due to open on or before the second/third quarter of 2018. The company sees these routes as a viable avenue to generate more income and increase its international brand visibility, considering the number of Nigerians resident in those regions”.

    visitBerlin CEO Burkhard Kieker on the organisation’s strategic partnership with easyJet:

    “easyJet is our new home carrier. The engagement by easyJet is a great facilitator for the economic and the touristic development of Berlin, which is a great occasion to establish the first strategic partnership between the capital’s official promotional organisation and an airline”.

    AirAsia Group CEO Tony Fernandes on oil prices and the Malaysian currency:

    “There is so mcuh [sic] supply. Oil won’t last at these prices” and adding: “It’s good to see the ringitt [sic] strengthening . Always said it should be about 3.50. With our strong exports”.

    Comair (South Africa) CEO Erik Venter on improvements to operational efficiency:

    “Over the past couple of months Comair has experienced an unreasonable number of technical and operational delays. We are actively working with our internal and external stakeholders to address the underlying causes and return our on time performance to the international industry accepted level our customers are used to”.

    Philadelphia International Airport CEO Chellie Cameron on targeting direct services with cities in China:

    “The direct flights between Philadelphia and China will bring more opportunities, and it’s very important for the economy for the entire region… And we have the capability to achieve this goal”, Ms Cameron said.

    WestJet president and CEO Ed Sims on traffic growth:

    “We are pleased to see such strong year-over-year traffic growth as 6.1 million guests chose to fly with us in the first quarter… This new record for the quarter is all the more remarkable given the degree of disruption during the challenging winter season”.

    Brisbane Airport Corporation CEO Julieanne Alroe on Jetstar’s decision to launch Brisbane-Uluru service:

    “New services do not appear like magic and it takes a lot of time and negotiations to ensure a route is viable and sustainable”. Ms Alroe added: “This is why it’s important to work together and to celebrate each new service, as every additional flight brings with it a raft of benefits for the city and state, as well as Australia’s regional centres”.

    Jet Airways deputy CEO and CFO Amit Agarwal discussing its rationale for not looking at bidding for Air India:

    “It was not as if we had put expression of interest in the first place. After we had reviewed the information memorandum carefully, we felt that it may not be appropriate at this juncture for Jet Airways to participate into the process”. He added: “The terms of the offer made us to reach this decision. One thing is clearly the debt level. Also there are other aspects which we would not like to get into the detail because this is the internal analysis by the company on the offer. And each company will have its own perspective about the whole terms of the offer”. He also noted: “It’s important that both the contours of the divestment process and the terms of the offer gel with our strategy. If it does not gel with our strategy, the whole debt structure and other aspects, (then) it is not appropriate for us to proceed any further on this”.