Your weekly travel and aviation Quote-a

The Blue Swan Daily brings you a roundup of the most thought-provoking and interesting comments from those industry leaders in the know.

Singapore Airlines CEO Goh Choon Phong on the airline’s ongoing transformation programme:

“The programme is well on track, with many initiatives already bearing fruit in terms of revenue generation and enhancement of operational efficiency. Additional new revenue generating opportunities are also being actively explored, with some close to fruition. We are confident that we will achieve all of our objectives under the programme, which will position the group even better for the future”. Through the programme, the carrier aims to become “the undisputed market leader in customer experience and product quality”.


KLM Royal Dutch Airlines president and CEO Peter Elbers on the airline’s expenditure control over recent years:

“It is by far not only personnel expenses… there are many more: purchasing, a better fleet use the costs of Schiphol… In every aspect we try to cut costs… And with success”. Mr Elbers revealed the carrier’s European network “was seriously loss making”, however is showing “positive numbers now… this has enabled us to grow in Europe in recent years”.


World Travel & Tourism Council president and CEO Gloria Guevara Manzo on implementation of biometric technology to facilitate secure borders:

“Biometric technology is the single biggest opportunity for the travel & tourism sector in 2018 and has been evolving over many years and we have seen gradual implementation across the sector for some time. However, in order for the step change which needs to happen to improve security and create jobs through increased tourism flows, there is an urgent need to speed up implementation.”


Sydney Airport CEO Geoff Culbert on the airport’s record 43.3 million passengers in 2017:

“Our strong growth has been underpinned by capacity development predominantly on the Middle Eastern, Asian and US routes… Sydney’s fastest growing foreign nationalities again included Chinese, Indian, South Korean and American visitors”.


Qantas CEO Alan Joyce on a possible company tax rate reduction:

“It will also allow us to compete on a more level playing field as our main international competitors either have tax rates lower than ours, don’t pay tax at all or have more favourable tax depreciation regimes. A reduction in the corporate tax rate would directly increase our free cash flow and therefore increase the amount of surplus capital identified under our financial framework… Increased investment by Qantas Group for growth has the potential to open up more routes and directly result in increased employment… Likewise, investment in innovation within the Qantas Group creates opportunities for employment growth in emerging areas of digital innovation and data analytics”.


Board of Airline Representatives in the UK CEO Dale Keller on the launch of London Heathrow Airport’s public consultation on expansion:

“Heathrow expansion can massively improve resilience, reduce delays and stacking, and drive grow in the UK economy – but only if it can be delivered without passing increased costs and risk to passengers and airlines. It’s important to highlight that airlines and passengers demand a better and more affordable Heathrow – not just a bigger one”.


Air Lease Corporation CEO John Plueger on expectations for Boeing to launch a new mid-sized airplane:


“I think… [Boeing] feel they have momentum from the customers and that they are building momentum internally for the business case”. The aircraft would be configured with between 220 and 260 seats. “I think that they… are feeling better about the NMA, so I wouldn’t be surprised if some time this year we saw a decision about a launch or not a launch”, Mr Plueger said, adding Air Lease would be interested in the product for the right price.