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    IATA: Airfreight delays ‘are endangering lives’, renews call for urgent government action

    IATA renewed (25-Mar-2020) its call to governments to take urgent measures to ensure that air cargo supply chains remain open, efficient and effective. Director general and CEO Alexandre de Juniac stated: “We are still seeing examples of cargo flights filled with life-saving medical supplies and equipment grounded due to cumbersome and bureaucratic processes to secure slots and operating permits. These delays are endangering lives”. IATA stated governments need to take the following actions to remove obstacles for air cargo:

    • Introduce fast track procedures for overflight and landing permits, particularly in key manufacturing hubs in Asia such as China, Korea and Japan;
    • Exempt flight crew who do not interact with the public from quarantine requirements;
    • Support temporary traffic rights for cargo operations where restrictions may apply;
    • Remove economic impediments, such as overflight charges, parking fees and slot restrictions;
    • Remove operating hour curfews at airports for cargo services. [more – original PR]

    Boeing could seek other options if too many strings are attached to US government support

    Boeing chairman and CEO Dave Calhoun said that if lawmakers “attach too many things” to a US Government support package, then the company could take a different course to raise funding (Bloomberg/Reuters/Fox Business, 25-Mar-2020). Boeing could “look at all the other options” if lawmakers “attach too many things” to a stimulus package said Mr Calhoun. He added that Boeing has no need for the US government taking an equity stake in the company and instead he “want[s] them to support the credit markets, provide liquidity. Allow us to borrow against our future”.

    AOA urging UK government to provide support for airports and ground based services

    Airport Operators Association (AOA) CEO Karen Dee stated (24-Mar-2020) the association is urging the UK government to “provide a comprehensive package of support for airports and ground based services” during the coronavirus outbreak. Ms Dee added the support should include “sector wide regulatory alleviations” to support operational recovery. [more – original PR]

    Azul: ‘This is not a problem of mismanagement by any airline… this is a catastrophe’

    Azul CEO John Rodgerson, in a conference call about the COVID-19 pandemic, stated (24-Mar-2020) “This is not a problem of mismanagement by any airline in the world, this is a catastrophe that has taken over the economy”. He added: “We believe this is a two to three months problem then we will get back to build up the demand” and have “close to a full schedule by July”. However, Azul is also working with the possibility that the COVID-19 pandemic could last six months.

    Wizz Air CEO calls on governments to take non discriminatory steps to benefit all airlines

    Wizz Air CEO József Váradi called (23-Mar-2020) on governments to take non discriminatory steps which will benefit all airlines, in light of the impact of the coronavirus outbreak. Mr Váradi added: “This will enable an industry and environment that is healthy, efficient and more environmentally sustainable and will serve passengers through enhancing the mobility of people”. [more – original PR]

    Qantas has ‘plenty of bandwidth to last a very, very long time’: CEO

    Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce reported Qantas is “one of the strongest airlines on the globe” and has “plenty of bandwidth to last a very, very long time” (Sky News, 20-Mar-2020). Mr Joyce added: “That’s why when good companies have managed their position very well, the Government should let them manage their way through this, and not look after the badly managed companies, that have been badly managed for 10 years that have resulted in them being very weak”.