Your weekly travel and aviation Quote-a

    The Blue Swan Daily brings you a roundup of the most thought-provoking and interesting comments from those industry leaders in the know.

    Divipay CEO: 67% of SMEs do not use corporate expense management programme

    Divipay founder and CEO Daniel Knaiz, speaking at the CTC-CAPA Corporate Travel Gathering – Australia, stated (25-Nov-2019) 67% of SMEs do not have access to a corporate expense management programme. Business are either requiring employees to use personal finances or share a single company credit card, he noted, adding inefficient expense processes are “costly to the business” and create “unnecessary admin”.

    BTA: Brexit has prevented discussions about ‘Future needs of the business travel sector’

    Business Travel Association (BTA) CEO Clive Wratten stated: “What has been clear over the last three years is that the government has been paralysed by Brexit, and that this has prevented serious discussions about the future needs of the business travel sector”, adding: “Put simply, business travel is at the heart of the country’s prosperity” (TTG Media, 21-Nov-2019).

    FedEx CEO: Embracing trade agreements would reverse trend of declining US capex

    FedEx chairman and CEO Frederick W Smith attributed (21-Nov-2019) the recent slowdown in capital expenditures by US companies to “trade disputes and the attendant global slowdown”. Mr Smith commented: “We believe re-embracing TPP [Trans Pacific Partnership] and TTIP [Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership] and passing the new US-MexicoCanada trade agreement would reverse these trends in short order”. [more – original PR]

    Lufthansa Group CEO: Public concern over the environmental impact of air travel ‘quite low’

    Lufthansa Group CEO Carsten Spohr argued public concern over the environmental impact of air transport is “quite low”, with the number of passengers in Europe currently offsetting their air travel “only 0.1%” (AIN, 22-Nov-2019). Mr Spohr added the group will gradually integrate the option to pay for CO2 compensation into the booking process of all its airlines.

    United Airlines CEO on recession: ‘never seen a wider gap’ between the facts and what is discussed

    United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz, in regards to talks of recession, said he has “never seen a wider gap between what is being discussed and trying to be pushed and the facts and the figures that we see” (CNBC, 21-Nov-2019). He noted the carrier, while unable to “have as long a term of view of things”, is “always watching” so as to be “cognisant” of trends.