Your weekly travel and aviation Quote-a

    The Blue Swan Daily brings you a roundup of the most thought-provoking and interesting comments from those industry leaders in the know.

    Qantas CEO Alan Joyce on the airline responding to social issues:

    “For the carrier to get talent it needs to be out there on social issues. Generation Y and Z are saying…they want to work for a company that has a social conscience”.

    Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary said he expects the US FAA and EASA to approve Boeing 737 MAX aircraft for commercial operations by Feb/Mar-2020:

    “I think they [FAA and EASA] are largely on the same page but they don’t agree on everything. It is clear that at the moment most of Boeing’s time and effort is focused on addressing the FAA first, because until the FAA certifies it, it is not an issue for EASA”. 

    Embraer Commercial Aviation president & CEO John Slattery:

    flygskam (“flight shame”) and tågskryt (“train bragging”) labels reflect a “sentiment among a growing number of people in Northern Europe to reduce their carbon footprints by replacing short distance air travel with land travel, namely rail”. Mr Slattery noted that the topic is getting more publicity as the effects of climate change become more pronounced and people and industry “realise they must make changes to slow the alarming rate of global warming”. He said it is “disconcerting to see air travellers are targeted, or shamed as the Swedish words imply, for choosing to fly” and it is a “shame that people don’t know just how far our industry has come in reducing the carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide emissions of commercial aircraft”. Mr Slattery suggested that the aviation industry has failed effectively publicise its accomplishments.

    Thomas Cook Group CEO Peter Fankhauser released a statement in relation to the group’s immediate liquidation: 

    “It is a matter of profound regret to me and the rest of the board that we were not successful. I would like to apologise to our millions of customers, and thousands of employees, suppliers and partners who have supported us for many years. Despite huge uncertainty over recent weeks, our teams continued to put customers first, showing why Thomas Cook is one of the best loved brands in travel”. Mr Fankhauser added: “Although a deal had been largely agreed [to recapitalise and reorganise the group], an additional facility requested in the last few days of negotiations presented a challenge that ultimately proved insurmountable”.

    Emirates president Tim Clark said the carrier is working closely with Etihad Airways towards further cooperation in areas including engine overhaul and supply chain:

    “We have a closer working relationship with Etihad than we’ve ever had. Tony Douglas [Etihad’s CEO] and I often have in-depth conversations about what we can do behind the scenes”.

    airBaltic CEO Martin Gauss, speaking at the World Routes 2019 CEO Roundtable facilitated by CAPA:

    “What airports don’t do well is speak directly to the customer via mediums such as social media” to help airlines guarantee the success of new routes. Mr Gauss added that airports “are not using social media to the extent they could be. A strong presence from both the airline and the airport on social media would be successful”.

    AirAsia CEO Riad Asmat stated “I think the challenge will always be supply and demand”:

    “We fly to second and third tier cities, places people don’t usually fly to. We’ve made successes out of them. And I think it’s a challenge to continuously be competitive in that sense when, at the same time, the world is changing in many, many ways.”