Your weekly travel and aviation Quote-a

    The Blue Swan Daily brings you a roundup of the most thought-provoking and interesting comments from those industry leaders in the know.

    Malaysian Aviation Commission (MAVCOM) executive chairman Nungsari Radhi formally responded to comments by AirAsia Group CEO Tony Fernandes that the aviation regulator has “failed to discharge their duties effectively and fairly”. Details include:

    • Since the MAVCOM was established in Mar-2016, it has undertaken many initiatives to the benefit of consumers and industry players;
    • The Malaysian Aviation Consumer Protection Code 2016 ensures consumers only pay for the services they opt for;
    • MAVCOM has also eliminated hidden charges such as the klia2 fee;
    • MAVCOM asserts that aviation consumer complaints are now being taken more seriously, and refunds will be reimbursed to passengers within 30 days from the date of request;
    • From Jan-2018 to Aug-2019, the MAVCOM has more than 93% of Air Traffic Rights (ATR) applied by the airlines, with AirAsia being the major beneficiary with more than 50% of all ATRs awarded during this period being allocated to them;
    • MAVCOM has also introduced FlySmart, an initiative to support consumer rights in the aviation sector;

    ENAV CEO and A6 Alliance chairman Roberta Neri on the joint declaration to fully implement the Single European Sky, signed on 11-Sep-2019:

    “New technology has a crucial role to play to ensure that Europe’s ATM system is capable of meeting the growing demand for air traffic while also responding to the environmental needs and the demand from new users of the airspace such as drones. We think that the digital transformation of aviation, the increased automation and virtualisation are the tools we can use to balance capacity and demand while ensuring scalability and resilience of the system”. 

    Fiji Airways CEO Andre Viljoen reported that Qantas’ plans to operate daily Sydney-Nadi service is “aggressive” and came as a “shock”:

    “It is certainly alarming when your major shareholder and long standing commercial partner all of a sudden becomes your major competitor”. Mr Viljoen further added the move was “odd for a number of reasons” and estimates “Qantas will struggle to turn a profit on the route”. According to OAG, Qantas currently operates four times weekly on the route.

    HAPSMobile reported plans to accelerate preparations to perform stratospheric test flights of its HAWK30 high altitude platform system (HAPS) at NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center Lanai through to 31-Mar-2020. HAPSMobile president and CEO Junichi Miyakawa stated: 

    “We’re moving forward with tests in the stratosphere and long flight duration tests lasting several months up to half a year”. As CAPA previously stated, HAWK30 is designed to serve as a stratospheric telecommunications platform system for delivering next-generation global connectivity.

    Aeroflot proposed to develop a strategy for harmonisation of anticorruption requirements for Russian business. Vladimir Aleksandrov deputy CEO for legal and property matters said:

    “Aeroflot’s global strategy will allow to harmonise international and national standards on measures against corruption for all of Russian business. The implementation of our initiative will enhance the position of Russian companies in the international market and increase investment appeal”.