Your weekly travel and aviation Quote-a

    The Blue Swan Daily brings you a roundup of the most thought-provoking and interesting comments from those industry leaders in the know.

    Malaysia Airports (MAHB) CEO Raja Azmi Raja Nazuddin the Malaysian High Court ruled in favour of MAHB in civil suits against AirAsia over unpaid passenger service charges (PSC) and late payment charges: 

    “We are pleased with this ruling as this means that not only are we able to collect the gazetted PSC amount but it also means that we can have an environment of fairer competition between airlines operating at these two terminals, as well as allow Malaysia to be better aligned to international guidelines, including with the ICAO principle of non discriminatory pricing at airports”.

    flypop CEO Navdip Singh Judge on the carriers ambition to become the “first truly carbon neutral airline without any additional costs to the customer”:

    “We’ve developed an environmentally friendly business model that makes it easy for passengers to offset their carbon emissions by purchasing the carbon credits on their behalf – effectively planting one tree per passenger. Also, by offering direct all economy flights we help passengers to reduce their carbon footprints”. 

    Boom Supersonic CEO Blake Scholl stated the “supersonic renaissance” the company is involved in “will happen with no net increase in carbon emissions”:

    “Lavish and wasteful premium subsonic features like first-class suites will become unnecessary when flights take half the time” and removing these “extravagances” saves weight and floor space and therefore reduces fuel burn. 

    Cathay Pacific CEO and HK Express chairman Rupert Hogg on the acquisition of HK Express, which is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Cathay.

    “The acquisition is an attractive and practical way for the Cathay Pacific Group to develop and grow its aviation business over the long term, while also enhancing the competitiveness of its Hong Kong home base as a leading aviation hub”.

    Wellington International Airport welcomed Singapore Airlines’ decision to to increase Singapore-Melbourne-Wellington frequency from four to five times weekly. Wellington Airport CEO Steve Sanderson said: 

    “There has been a 37% increase in Wellington visitor arrivals from Asia and this shows how popular the services have been… The increase in flights will bring even more travellers from Asia into Wellington, which is great news not only for the Wellington economy but the whole of central New Zealand”.

    American Airlines chairman and CEO Doug Parker issued a statement regarding a meeting with President Donald Trump to discuss “Qatar’s continued violation of its 2018 agreement with the United States”. 

    Mr Parker stated President Trump was asked to “do everything he can to stand up for American workers and ensure that all airlines are playing by the rules”, adding airlines “shouldn’t be forced to compete against governments that don’t play by the rules”. He noted American Airlines looks forward to “working with his administration to hold Qatar accountable and protect US jobs”.

    Somon Air CEO Thomas Hallam said the carrier will take a “wait and see” approach in relation to the Boeing 737 MAX:

    “The issue from our side is that if we’re the only operator in the country, and the aircraft has a very negative perception in this part of the world, then we have a problem”.