WorldACD: Global airfreight volumes down 2.4% in Mar-2019, trend to continue in Apr-2019

    WorldACD reported (02-May-2019) global airfreight chargeable weight decreased 2.4% year-on-year in Mar-2019. General cargo volumes decreased 4.8% and special cargo volumes increased 3.5%. Cargo load factor decreased 1.8ppt and yield decreased 5% to USD1.80. High tech and other vulnerable goods, the largest category of special cargo, increased 12.9%. For 1Q2019, chargeable weight decreased 3.1%, but WorldACD noted “considerable differences between the various regions of the world”. Markets within Asia Pacific decreased 7.6% and five out of 10 markets to and from the region performed below the world average. Asia Pacific to Europe decreased 4.9%, Europe to Asia Pacific decreased 4.3% and North America to Asia Pacific decreased 4.7%. Europe to North America increased 0.6%, Asia Pacific to the Middle East and South Asia increased 2.9%, Africato Europe increased 2.1%, the market within the Middle East and South Asia increased 2.6%, Latin America to Asia Pacific increased 18% and Africa to North America increased 18%. WorldACD commented: “We do not expect the April figures to cause a change in the trend seen so far this year”. [more – original PR]