With diversity, inclusion and environmental sustainability key drivers, Delta believes it continues to gain traction with Millennials

About a year ago, Delta Air Lines coined a new term for the ever-important Millennial travel set – Emerging High Value Customers (EHVC). Now the airline is touting the traction it is gaining among Millennials as well as generations Y and Z.

In late 2017, Delta explained it was working to catch Millennials that worked at large companies such as Deloitte or McKinsey “upstream”, and in some cases was aiming to establish relationships that in in some cases begin while those passengers are still in college.

A year on, Delta has calculated the Millennial age set represents roughly 61 million people and USD44 billion in spend.

“And increasingly they are making decisions in ways that are very different than what an industrial transport company would focus on. They are making decisions that if the company mistreats its employees, they will actively switch from that brand.

“They will switch and buy more from someone they see as not only socially responsible, but outspoken and actively engaged in the causes that are important to them. And you can look at diversity and inclusion and environmental sustainability as chief examples of that”, Delta chief marketing officer Tim Mapes recently concluded.

Mr Mapes stated the airline posted an 11% increase year-on-year in 2018 amongst Millennials in consideration of Delta, 16% increased usage and a “38% increase in intent to recommend from Millennials relative to Delta”.

Delta’s net promoter score (NPS) also continues to climb. In Dec-2018, company executives stated its NPS had topped 50, which was the first time in its history, and those number had tripled during the last six years.