WestJet sees more passengers paying full premium fare as premium cabin fare revenue rises 76%

    WestJet president and CEO Edward Sims said premium cabin fare revenue was up 76% year-on-year in 1Q2019, pushed by the airline’s “enhanced ability” to manage inventory (Seeking Alpha, 07-May-2019). Top loyalty tiers were up 19%, pushed along by the introduction of Platinum tier and unlimited lounge access for Platinum and Gold tiers. Ancillary revenue grew 15.2%, up 10.2% per passenger. Mr Sims noted more passengers are paying a full premium fare and leaving fewer seats available for ancillary upgrades, “a trade-off which we welcome and expect to continue”. Mr Sims said the airline reconfigured its Boeing 737 MAX aircraft to feature two by two seat configurations in the premium cabin, ahead of schedule (Seeking Alpha, 07-May-2019).