Volaris has no airline competitors across 24% of its network; undercutting bus competition

    Volaris stated (13-May-2019) that 24.5% of its total capacity (ASM) in 2018 had no airline competition. The carrier compared figures for some bus routes as follows:

    • CuliacanTijuana:
      • Volaris average fare: MXN564 (USD29.42), flight duration: 2.2 hours;
      • Bus average fare: MXN1100 (USD57.37), travel duration: 15.5 hours;
    • Guadalajara-Tijuana:
      • Volaris average fare: MXN979 (USD51.07), flight duration: 3.1 hours;
      • Bus average fare: MXN2774 (USD144.70), travel duration: 31 hours;
    • Mexico City-Tijuana:
      • Volaris average fare: MXN1097 (USD57.21), flight duration: 3.8 hours;
      • Bus average fare: MXN1805 (USD94.14), travel duration: 29.7 hours;
    • Guanajuato-Tijuana:
      • Volaris average fare: MXN842 (USD43.91), flight duration: 3.2 hours;
      • Bus average fare: MXN2676 (USD139.55), travel duration: 25.8 hours;
    • Cancun-Mexico City:
      • Volaris average fare: MXN664 (USD34.62), flight duration: 2.6 hours;
      • Bus average fare: MXN1205 (USD62.84), travel duration: 25.9 hours;
    • Durango-Tijuana:
      • Volaris average fare: MXN1497 (USD78.06), flight duration: 2.6 hours;
      • Bus average fare: MXN2263 (USD118), travel duration: 20.2 hours. [more – original PR]