Video of the week – Air Canada Insights: how technology must not be a barrier to revenue, why data is about balancing power with ‘privacy and transparency’, and the ‘tremendous headwinds’ of regulation

Long the dominant airline in Canada, national carrier Air Canada has adapted well over the past decade to changing market conditions. A new fresh brand highlights its transformation, while a fleet renewal across both the single- and twin-aisle markets has delivered the birth of the Air Canada Rouge operation to better serve the large leisure flows in and out of Canada. Now, the airline has snapped up its long-time rival Transat that will further strengthen its leisure activities within the Americas and also across the Atlantic.

WestJet continues to keep Air Canada executives on their toes and its deepening relationship with Delta Air Lines, and the latter’s wider Americas strategy will certainly mean Air Canada may consider its own position in the Canada-US market, perhaps deepening its own ties with United Airlines within or external to their Star Alliance membership.

Air Canada currently has a dominant 46.9% share of Canadian domestic seats and 42.8% share of international seats, according to CAPA – Centre for Aviation analysis of OAG schedules for the week commencing 30-Sep-2019. It is no surprise therefore that the airline’s senior management turned out in force for the recent inaugural CAPA Canada Aviation Summit in Winnipeg.

Lucie Guillemette, EVP & CCO, Air Canada delivered a keynote entitled ‘Canada’s Global Champion’…

…Ferio Pugliese, SVP, Air Canada Express and Government Relations, Air Canada and Catherine Dyer, SVP and CIO, Air Canada both delivered presentations…

… while all three also sat down with CAPA chairman emeritus, Peter Harbison, to be questioned about the airline’s development.

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