Veovo, Auckland International Airport and Beca launch door to departure traffic solutions

    Veovo and Auckland International Airport extended (09-Jan-2020) their partnership, allowing Veovo, in conjunction with Beca, to integrate and deploy resource and revenue management, customer engagement and airport collaborative decision making capabilities for a door to departure traffic solution. Veovo and Beca rolled out a data driven solution using sensors to measure traffic flow between Auckland CBD and the airport, as well as road usage within the terminal complex. Veovo additionally installed its predictability solution within the airport to analyse queue times and volumes, and movement patterns, while managing passenger queue time expectations. Auckland International Airport immediately reduced arrival taxi time by 12%, international apron congestion by 23% and travel time to the airport by eight minutes. Auckland International Airport immediately increased international flights getting pushback with 60 seconds of request by 5% and a 2.3% increase in international departure performance.