United Airlines launches ‘United Corporate Preferred’ corporate travel programme

    United Airlines debuted (13-Aug-2018) ‘United Corporate Preferred’, a new corporate travel programme to offer the following travel benefits:

    • Preferred upgrades;
    • Preferred standby;
    • Operational adjustment protection;
    • Preferred discounts and offers.
    • ‘United Corporate Preferred Elite’ level customers will also receive the following:
      • Additional travel waiver flexibility;
      • Preferred boarding, with customers to receive priority boarding in group two later in 2018;
      • Preferred seating, with customers able to book designated standard economy seats closer to the front, later in 2018.

    The multilevel programme offers escalating benefits at three levels, comprising ‘Preferred’, ‘Preferred Plus’ and ‘Elite’. Eligibility for the new programme is determined by a corporation’s contract status, revenue contribution and loyalty. [more – original PR]