Understanding the fundamentals of the aviation industry – staying one step ahead!

In today’s competitive landscape it is essential to stay one step ahead. Understanding the marketplace, latest business trends and industry insights can deliver the knowledge to help to develop the right strategies and make the right decisions. CAPA – Centre for Aviation is one of the most trusted sources of market intelligence for the aviation and travel industry and it is working to share its insights through its CAPA Knowledge learning initiative.

In partnership with Informa Corporate Learning it is showcasing Fundamentals of the Aviation Industry, a training course that will benefit all those in or associated with the aviation industry. The practical knowledge courses provides access to the most current developments in the industry to help support effective workplace performance whether you work for airlines, airports, tourism bodies, industry suppliers, lawyers, government regulators, financiers, investors, unions or simply want to better understand the workings of this important and complex industry.

From understanding airlines and airports and their complexities, via marketing and advertising, distribution and NDC and alliance and partnerships, to fleet and network planning, the day course provides an overview of the industry, providing key insights into some of the most important aspects of the sector, and even allows participants to launch their very own Low Cost Carrier, incorporating what has been learnt from the sessions. There is even an option to extend for a second day to learn even more as a more detailed look at the industry.

The next Fundamentals of the Aviation Industry course is scheduled to take place in Melbourne on 21-Nov-2019, extending to 22-Nov-2019 for the two day extension course. Another is scheduled for Canberra for the 28-Nov-2019 (and 29-Nov-2019).

As a large island continent, international and domestic aviation connects Australians with each other and Australia with the rest of the world. It is also central to the Australian economy.

This course will provide an introduction to the fundamentals of the aviation industry focussing on the structure and workings of airlines and the incredible complexity required to meet the demands of a constantly changing highly technical and high demand market.

Air travel is a familiar part of many people’s lives. This course highlights the elements of the aviation industry that provide some order in a chaotic and, literally, fast moving industry. From domestic regulations, where each country has complete jurisdiction to regulate the aviation activity within its territory and the air space above; to international regulations requiring bilateral Air Services Agreements setting out what rights can be operated.

Attendees will gain an understanding of the significance of airline loyalty programs operating worldwide with major airline alliances, an overview of airports, the importance of freight, and the emergence of low-cost carriers around the world.