Uber says the future of business travel is seamless and expenseless

The Blue Swan Daily recently caught up with Uber for Business A/NZ Enterprise Partnerships Executive, Andy Brehm at the 2017 ACTE-CAPA Global Conference Sydney, to understand how Uber for Business is leveraging technology to improve the everyday experience of the global traveller, changing the face of corporate travel management.

Ground transportation as we know it today, is a low cost, high volume expense line item, and is one of the few areas where organisations can reduce travel and entertainment costs. As the only globally networked ground transportation solution, Uber for Business provides organisations with enhanced visibility, control and data, prioritising safety and convenience for business travellers.

Mr Brehm highlights the seamless and expenseless future of business travel, enabled through Uber for Business, and intuitive expense management tool integrations. Mr Brehm also provides insight on Uber’s innovation strategy for 2018, as they work to revolutionise and expand the unique offerings of the Uber marketplace.

Watch the exclusive interview with Mr Brehm below:

To learn more about how Uber for Business can help get your company moving, contact businessANZ@uber.com, or visit uber.com/business.