Tuvalu becomes 192nd member state of ICAO

    ICAO announced Tuvalu (20-Nov-2017) has become its 192nd member state. Tuvalu deposited its notification of adherence to the Chicago Convention on 19-Oct-2017, and its ICAO Member State status became effective thirty days after on 18-Nov-2017. Tuvalu will now benefit from ICAO guidance and support in regard to the development of its aviation policies, capacity-building, and infrastructure development planning. This includes participation in aviation development opportunities, new international partnerships ICAO will help it to establish, and strategic guidance available under ICAO’s global aviation safety, air navigation, and security plans, as well as inclusion in  critical aviation safety and security auditing programmes. Under ICAO Tuvalu will be encouraged to develop a State Action Plan respective of its aviation emissions mitigation, and to participate in the ICAO Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation, among other environmental programmes and targets for international air transport. [more – original PR]