TTF CEO: ABS Jun-2020 tourism data ‘to paint a much grimmer picture’

    Tourism and Transport Forum (TTF) CEO Margy Osmond, responding to the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ tourism data, stated: (06-Aug-2020) “The accommodation sector was hardest hit losing 11,600 jobs between Mar-2019 and Mar-2020 and we know that has increased exponentially since the end of Mar-2020 as hotels struggle with occupancy rates below 10 per cent for some properties and with no end in sight to their pain”. Ms Osmond added: “While we are expecting the end of June figures to paint a much grimmer picture the second wave of COVID 19 infections in Victoria and to a lesser extent New South Wales and the subsequent borders closures mean the news is likely to be even worse as we head into spring”. Ms Osmond called for additional support as it will be critical for the Australian Government and individual state budgets to provide additional sector specific measures to ensure tourism’s recovery.