Travel Service to increase leadership through acquisition of CSA Czech Airlines

    CAPA – Centre for Aviation, in a report entitled: ‘Travel Service: purchase of majority stake in CSA Czech Airlines shows fast growing group’s ambition’ stated (09-Nov-2017) Travel Service’s leadership in the Czech Republic is set to increase further through acquisition of CSA Czech Airlines, in which it has owned a 34% stake since 2015. In Oct-2017 Travel Service reached an agreement to acquire Korean Air‘s 44% stake and the 19.7% stake held by PRISKO. The transaction will increase Travel Service’s holding to 97.7%, although PRISKO has an option to withdraw from the deal, which would leave Travel service with 78% of CSA Czech Airlines. Travel Service’s increase in its holding of CSA is subject to competition authority approval, which is expected within three months. [more – CAPA Analysis]