Trapped in the geriatric framework – clear cracks emerge for Europe and the North Atlantic as Brexit looms

    While sales and distribution seem to have no territorial boundaries, the actual operation of airlines remains trapped in the archaic design of 70 years ago. The constraints of the bilateral system are a massive constraint on airlines’ ability to make truly commercial decisions.

    Open skies is a chink in that armour, albeit perhaps a diminishing one, but nothing illustrates the shortcomings of the system better than the tremors created by Brexit. Despite the uncertainty created, the UK remains one of the world’s key aviation markets and will now be forced into a transition to an as yet unknown set of bilateral and multilateral relationships.

    Negotiating a package with the multiple interests of the EU countries is one thing; recreating a complex North Atlantic multilateral is another. An array of innovations has been enabled by the freedom created by both the Single Market and the US-EU multilateral, many of them strenuously opposed by US and other pilots unions.

    Now we are in a situation that one nation is having to renegotiate this position, disruption is clearly on the cards.

    This will be one of the topic areas discussed at the forthcoming CAPA- Centre for Aviation Airline Leader Summit – A CEO Gathering 2018 that takes place in Dublin, Republic of Ireland on 17-May-2018 and 18-May-2018.

    Understanding aviation markets is CAPA’s great strength and passion and this year’s agenda includes a variety of topics sure to generate interest.  Trapped in the geriatric framework. The outlook for Europe and the North Atlantic as Brexit looms will be the opening session on the morning of the Dublin forum on 18-May-2018.

    It’s hardly a secret that the airline industry is facing myriad challenges, notably in the marketing and distribution areas, as companies with personalised data, and the analytics and artificial intelligence to go with it, become greater threats to the stability of the traditional airline model.

    This high-level aviation event, hosted at Powerscourt Hotel Resort & Spa in County Wicklow, to the south of Dublin, in the Republic of Ireland, for a sixth time, is a forum for debate and discussion of strategic issues facing the aviation industry and it is attracting delegate interest from across the globe.

    The main summit subject is “Airlines making money: a vision of the future”, with an underlying theme of disruption and change and it will bring together global leaders to discuss key strategic issues and challenges facing the industry as new technologies come online and tougher regulations create downward pressure on traditional revenue streams. The forum will also explore adapting business models, smart innovations and how the industry can embrace collaborative partnerships to adapt and flourish in the digital age.

    FIND OUT MORE… visit the CAPA Airline Leader Summit homepage to find out more about this not-to-be-missed opportunity to discuss relevant issues impacting the aviation sector and learn meaningful insights from your industry peers.