Trans State Airlines to cease operations by end of 2020

    Trans States Airlines reportedly plans to “wind down” services throughout 2020 and finally conclude operations “by the end of 2020”, citing a “dramatically” changing regional aviation environment, “an exceptionally challenging financial year” in 2019 and indications of a likewise challenging year in 2020 ( Points Guy/St Louis Business Journal/Aviation Maintenance Magazine, 24-Feb-2020). The carrier noted its balance sheet “is neither profitable nor sustainable”, adding that there are no realistically achievable solutions “that would allow us to reduce costs while maintaining efficiency”. It also acknowledged “increased unit costs due to reduced productivity and general cost increases on most line items”, as well as “a Captain shortage that will result in an inability to meet our increased productivity objectives and even our current contractual flying obligations”. Additionally, the carrier mentioned United Airlines also expressed a desire to “simplify and create critical mass”.