Tourism Research Australia: NT tourism product aligns will with aspects of Indian travellers

    Tourism Research Australia and Tourism Northern Territory issued (18-Apr-2018) findings from a study on attracting Indian visitors to the Northern Territory (NT). Key findings include:

    • Over the last five years, Indian visitation to Australia has grown at an average annual rate of 13% – behind China at 16%;
    • Between 2014 and 2017, Indian travellers to Australia made up approximately 3% of total international visitation, but less than 1% of total international visitation to the NT;
    • The NT’s tourism product offering aligns well with a number of cultural and behavioural aspects of Indian travellers. Experiencing something unique and/or being the first in one’s group to have had a certain noteworthy experience is highly sought after among Indian travellers, feeding into a ‘bragability factor’ or a ‘one-upmanship’ that is a strong part of Indian culture;
    • Perceptions of, and familiarity with, Australia and the NT are largely influenced by word of mouth from friends or family living in Australia either as temporary or permanent residents/citizens, or from Indians back home that have travelled to Australia;
    • A love of nature and desire to break away from regular city life sees Indian travellers generally very keen on experiencing national parks;
    • Food is a very important consideration for Indian travellers;
    • Indian travellers are very price sensitive and value conscious. Moderating the costs of travel to/from and within the NT would help to encourage visitation;
    • Safety is a very important consideration for Indian travellers, particularly those travelling with their families. As the NT would be largely unknown, there is a need to assure Indian travellers that it is a safe place to visit;
    • The India market is a late booking market, with more than half of all Indian visitors making travel decisions within four weeks prior to their departure. [more – original PR]