Tourism NZ releases results of the Mood of the Nation survey

    Tourism New Zealand released (22-Jun-2017) results of the Mood of the Nation survey which measures New Zealand’s perceptions of tourism. Tourism NZ stated:

    • 96% of New Zealanders believe that international tourism is good for the country;
    • International Visitors:
      • 50% of New Zealanders feel the country attracts about the right number of international visitors;
      • 25% feel New Zealand should be attracting more;
      • 21% think New Zealand attracts too many, an upward trend since December 2015;
    • Perceived benefits of international tourists:
      • 53% believe it creates growth opportunities for businesses;
      • 50% believe it creates employment opportunities for residents;
      • 47% believe it creates economic growth for the regions;
    • Perceived challenges of international tourists:
      • 39% believe it results in increased traffic congestion on holiday routes;
      • 33% believe it results in increased littering;
      • 33% believe it increases the risk of serious road accidents.