Tourism New Zealand aims for 100% local tourism support

    Tourism New Zealand released (09-May-2019) results of its twice yearly survey, reporting New Zealand residents’ sentiment towards international tourism. Key details include:

    • 93% agree or strongly agree international tourism is positive for New Zealand;
    • 91% are proud that New Zealand is an attractive tourist destination;
    • 86% take pride in welcoming international visitors;
    • 12% are aware of tourism’s value as New Zealand’s number one export industry;
    • 46% agree New Zealand attracts the right number of international visitors, with 26% believing the number of tourists is too high;
    • 43% believe tourism puts too much pressure on New Zealand;
    • 33% agree that the government and industry are taking actions to address the pressures of tourism.

    Tourism New Zealand CEO Stephen England-Hall stated: “We are reliant on Kiwis backing tourism…but I want to see that hit 100 per cent”.