Tourism & Events Queensland reports tourism directly and indirectly employs 236,000 Queenslanders

    Tourism & Events Queensland announced (09-Dec-2019) the following Queensland tourism economic key facts, updated on 22-Nov-2019:

    • In 2017 to 2018, direct and indirect tourism was 7.8% of Queensland Gross State Product,
    • Tourism directly and indirectly employs 236,000 Queenslanders;
    • Net taxes from tourism products was 25% of total taxes on tourism products in Australia;
    • For the year ended Jun-2018 overseas tourism exports were AUD7.5 billion (USD5.1 billion) for Queensland, the equivalent of 10.1% of Queensland’s exports;
    • For the year ending Jun-2019 domestic overnight visitors spent AUD18.8 billion (USD12.8 billion) and international visitors spent AUD6 billion (USD4 billion); totalling AUD24.8 billion (USD16.9 billion) or AUD67.9 million (USD46.3 million) per day.