Tourism Australia: Most Australians underestimate value of tourism to the country

    Tourism Australia released (Aug-2017) its ‘Mood of the Nation’ report on Australian attitudes towards tourism. Key findings include:

    • 75% of Australians underestimate the value of tourism as an export;
    • 63% of Australians underestimate the number of inbound tourism arrivals to Australia;
    • 37% overestimate the proportion of Australians employed in tourism;
    • Half of respondents underestimate international visitation to regional destinations;
    • Most respondents correctly identified China, the UK and New Zealand as the top three inbound markets by size;
    • 11% of Australians view tourism intake as excessive, 41% identify the intake as too small. Over half of Australians believe international tourism creates opportunities for business and economic growth. Less than a quarter perceive negative outcomes of tourism business and economic growth;
    • 75% of consumers believe Australia is equipped to handle current visitor intake;
    • 83% of Australians are proud the way Australia is promoted overseas. [more – original PR PR I] [more – original PR II]