Torque Data notes increased comms effectiveness for FFP

    Torque Data GM Oliver Rees stated applying machine learning to the Virgin Velocity Frequent Flyers programme has resulted in communication effectiveness increasing by 10% and given teams the ability to apply advanced analytics at 10 times the pace (, 16-Apr-2018). Torque Data is the data analytics arm of Virgin Australia. The data transformation programme has been in place for slightly over 12 months, with a focus on enhancing the customer experiences across the Velocity customer loyalty member base by improving redemption offers that are personalised and relevant. Mr Rees commented: “In a digital environment, we can respond to the information customers are giving us much more quickly… In the old days, you’d send a direct mail, or put an ad in print, and wait to see something happened. Then you’d do analysis a few weeks later, try and figure out what works and send again. Now this is happening in fractions of a second. We need to be able to build process and capability to run the analytics in seconds. That is the journey we’re on”. On the importance of relevance and personalisation, Mr Rees said: “The better we can get at personalising offers, the deeper we’ll drive engagement with members… But with the tools now available to present offers and do outbound and inbound marketing, the complexity of offers is increasing exponentially. We have 400 partners in the loyalty programme, and deciding what is the most relevant offer to deliver to someone is very important”.