The holidays are over, but worries over future business travel is already causing corporate stress

With the holiday period coming to a conclusion and as we return to our work routines, research shows that one in five business travellers is already worrying about future travel plans. The insights secured from polling specialist You Gov for business travel management company NexTravel adds further weight to the health and wellbeing debate in corporate travel.

The Blue Swan Daily has highlighted numerous recent studies into business traveller wellbeing. Business travel is an essential part of work life for many people, but it can often cause distress for employees.

Our ‘Traveller wellbeing in the spotlight – one third of UK travellers claim their mental health has suffered due to business travel’ highlighted the Capita Travel and Events report, ‘The Unnoticed impact of business travel’ which claimed that around one third have seen their mental health suffer due to work travel.

Meanwhile, traveller wellbeing, budget control, implementation of technology and managing traveller behaviour were highlighted among their biggest challenges for travel managers in 2020 according to the latest annual survey by the Institute of Travel Management (ITM) in conjunction with FCM Travel Solutions.

The latest findings on US business travellers from NexTravel suggests that one in five say business travel has taken a toll on their mental health, and similar to the UK study that being away for work affects relationships, finances and productivity.

The NexTravel research comes from a YouGov survey of just over 500 US adults who had travelled for business during the 12 months preceding Oct-2019. The business travel management company says the global cost of travel burnout is estimated as high as USD323 billion, with an extra USD125 billion to USD190 billion in health care costs associated with treating burnout.

Corporate travel retains a ring of glamour: a chance to see the world and stay in excellent hotels on the company dollar. Furthermore, business trips can reap an enormous return on investment for the companies who send their employees on them.

Much research into the effects of business versus leisure travel on your health and well-being has now been pooled by into a single infographic that details many of the key insights into this subject. This was featured in the following story:

The bright lights of travel may still be a big incentive to millennials, but ultimately most road warriors will concur that the experience is very different to the expectation. Health experts highlight the importance of routines and travel is a major interruption to this cycle. Being away from our home life often means unhealthy eating and drinking, and lack of exercise, while impacted sleep patterns can compromise the immune system.

The NexTravel report says that around one in three US travellers said it is a struggle to stay healthy while travelling for work, and one in four say they’re more likely to get sick after a business trip.

Close to half don’t get enough sleep while traveling for work, while around a third feel they have to be available outside traditional working hours while on business trips. This means around 27% have difficulty finding time to be alone and recharge.

The findings also highlight that one in four business travellers have had trouble keeping in touch with family or friends while traveling, and almost the same amount have missed an important life moment while away for work. A similar number say work travel causes their personal expenses to increase.

Additionally, just under one in three respondents said business travel had compromised their productivity at work, and about one in four said they had to put in extra hours to make up for lost time due to travel. More than one in three (36%) have had to deal with delays or cancellations while traveling for work, while almost a third (30%) struggle to keep track of expenses or policies while travelling.

But, it is the fact that one in five said the thought of an upcoming work trip stresses them out that is most alarming and will mean many business travellers will be entering the new calendar year with dread.

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