The A-Z of travel – an alphabet miscellany

There have been lots of letters bandied about since Covid-19 arrived as economists attempt to predict the shape of our recovery. Is it a ‘V’, or a ‘U’, or a ‘W’, or even an ‘L’? What we are seeing currently looks more like a ‘____/_/_/___’ to an untrained eye and maybe we will require a new term to explain how we emerge from the current pandemic.

We have now passed the point of a ‘V’, a sharp decline and an equally sharp recovery, and many now expect it to be a ‘U’, more of a recession that then recovers in a gradual fashion. There is the concern of a second wave of infections that could lead to the reintroduction of lockdown measures and a ‘W’, a double dip that sees an initial recovery, before a decline and then a subsequent second recovery.

Then there is the dreaded ‘L’ where things decline sharply and then they never really get back to the same level, or it takes a very long time for things to get there through years and years of very weak growth.

All the talk of letters made us think a little more about the alphabet and as we watched America’s milestone launch of its first astronauts into space in almost ten years onboard the rocket of private company Space X, we thought we would challenge ourselves.

It has been a tough few months writing about how hard the travel, and particularly air and hospitality industries, have been hit by the current global public health crisis.

So we decided to set ourselves a creative writing challenge: could we put together a readable, topical sentence highlighting all the letters of the alphabet? Easy? Perhaps? But what about doing it in alphabetical order with each word beginning with a sequential letter of the alphabet?

Here’s some of our attempts…

Aviation bewildered Covid-19 destroyed energy for growth. Hierarchy instructs jumbo kaput limit. Meanwhile, newer operations pose quick recovery schedule timed under variable window. Xaroncharoo yields zip.

Airlines beginning careful deployment Eurasian flights. Gradual healthy increase justifies kerbing lockdown measures now. Organisations probe questionable recovery shape, trending U, V, W? XIY, YIH, ZJK?

Airlines believe clever disinfection, encouraging facemasks, generates hygienic inflight journey. Keeping layered measures necessarily opposes passenger quarantine. Realistically, sterile travel unbelievably variable. Wash, x-ray, yashmak, zapped.

Airbus, Boeing cancelled developments. Embraer faces global hold. International jet kilometres lowest. Many now opening preliminary quintessential routes so travel under valuation. Wanted xerox yesterday’s zillions.

All blame coronavirus daily. Everyone facing global hike in jolly knowitalls. Loopy minded Nostradamos opening predicted quarantined race. Summer travel universally vacated. Worryingly xenophiles yearn Zagreb.

Apparently by consuming disinfectant everyone feels great. Hedonistic idiot ‘jokes’ knocking Lysol may nicely overrun pathogen. Question re sunlight treatments unfortunately vexes waiting x-men. Yokel zealot.

Airlines battling coronavirus declare earnings fall. Government help is justified keeping loans manageable. Not one passenger questions recent swab test under valuation. Worringly x-ray yields zero.

A beleaguered carrier downs entire fleet. Gradually health improves. June kick likely many now openly predict. Quantity rescue services take up valuable widebodies. Xenophiles yearning zealously.

All blame China daily. Everyone fed-up. Global health interest justifies keeping lockdown. Mankind now only permitted quantity rest, sun, telly. Universe virtually watching x-rated yesterdays. Zen.

We would love it for you to give it a try. But, be warned, it is not as simple as it appears, with the last three letters of the alphabet the biggest challenge. Send us your attempts to The Blue Swan Daily A-Z challenge and we will feature some at a later date.

Perhaps you could also try to put together a travel themed pangram, a sentence or expression that uses all the letters of the alphabet. The most famous is ‘the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog’ completed with an excess of just six letters. More recently we have seen ‘pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs’ as a shorter option of 31 letters, just five excess letters, while Indian politician and writer, Shahshi Tharoor has offered ‘how quickly daft jumping zebras vex!’ at 30 letters.

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