Thai AirAsia appoints new chairman and CEO

    Thai AirAsia appointed (14-May-2018) Tassapon Bijleveld as executive chairman and Santisuk Klongchaiya as CEO, replacing Mr Tassapon, effective 14-May-2018. Mr Santisuk was previously director of commercial. Mr Tassapon is also Asia Aviation executive chairman and Mr Santisuk was also appointed as Asia Aviation CEO. The company stated Mr Tassapon “will be in charge of executive policy in the interest of sustainable growth”. Mr Tassapon said: “My focus will now be on the overall executive picture and the company’s direction in seeking out new opportunities for sustainable growth. I will also focus on enacting government policies and collaborating with private sectors to ensure Thailand establishes a leading position in the aviation industry”. [more – original PR – Thai AirAsia] [more – original PR – Asia Aviation]