Video of the week – I spy with my little eye in the sky – could airlines really monitor our activity at 38,000ft?

We have grown used to living in a society where ‘big brother’ is watching over us. From airports, train stations and our roads to our…..

Video of the week: Initialisation of new EU-Qatar traffic agreement opens the door to liberal regime

A new transport agreement between Europe and Qatar will “allow for the liberalisation of the fundamental mobility rights between Qatar and European Union (EU) markets”,…..

Video of the week – The aeropolitical and regulatory landscape: industry perspectives

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Video of the week: An overview of LCC development In Latin America

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Video of the week: The ‘new’ Air Malta and its ‘if you don’t change, you die’ mindset

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Video of the week… The future of corporate travel, the evolving role of the TMC and the impact of NDC

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Video of the week: Creating new interfaces between large aviation organisations and the growing global travel technology scene

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Video of the week: City of Sydney accelerates its leadership and delivery of environmental action for accommodation providers

Whatever industry you operate within, sustainability has now become an essential requirement. When it comes to cities, Sydney in Australia has been one of the…..

Video of the Week: The Golden Falcon emerges out of the shadows thanks to Gulf Air’s boutique aspirations

Gulf Air is one of the most famous names in Middle East aviation. Formerly the flag carrier of multiple nations it is today just a…..

Video of the week: We look back into 2018 with highlights from the CAPA-ACTE Global Summit & Corporate Lodging Forum

The year ahead sees a packed CAPA event programme, but we start the year looking back on the last event of 2018. Exploring the theme…..