US travel remains on solid footing, but international momentum could slow 

US travel trends remain solid, but research from the US Travel Association believes there are underlying signs of caution in the latest growth patterns. Summary:…..

US Travel Association: Headwinds are on the horizon even as current trends remain strong 

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Latest US Travel Trends Index shows a slowing pace of growth

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US travel job growth enjoys a solid streak as employment levels continue to rise

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Growth in US domestic and international travel is a mixed bag through YE2018 

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American leisure travel and vacation trends are moving in a positive direction, but trade uncertainty clouds the picture

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US international inbound travel holds steady, but its global share is in jeopardy 

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US travel employment charts solid growth in early 2018 after contracting in late 2017 

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Negative travel trends for the US continue to raise alarm 

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US Travel Association: Air travel hassles have worsened during the last five years

There’s no arguing the customer experience has risen to unprecedented importance in the airline business. But efforts by the US air travel industry to engender…..