Diametric domestic and international trends continue – US Travel Association data shows solid domestic growth but faltering international demand

The latest data from the US Travel Association show domestic and International US travel trends for Jul-2019 largely followed trends that have been entrenched for…..

Number of Americans’ unused vacation days continues to climb, but trend in 2018 is due to a growing allowance

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A shrinking slice of the cake – US share of international travel will continue to drop through 2022

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Jobs in the US travel industry can fetch higher salaries than manufacturing and health care

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Inbound US travel continued to show signs of sluggishness in Mar-2019, but international scheduled traffic could provide a positive spark in Apr-2019

International inbound travel to the US tumbled year-on-year in March, likely driven by the timing of the Easter holiday, which fell in April of this…..

Latest US Travel Association forecast shows sagging US inbound international travel in early 2019

US domestic travel is forecast to grow at a solid pace through May-2019, according to the US Travel Association. However, trends for international travel continue…..

US Travel Association: International travel trends continue to show slower growth

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US travel remains on solid footing, but international momentum could slow 

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US Travel Association: Headwinds are on the horizon even as current trends remain strong 

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Latest US Travel Trends Index shows a slowing pace of growth

Growth in US domestic and international travel slowed between Jun-2018 and Jul-2018, and projections show the decelerated growth will continue for the next six months……

US travel job growth enjoys a solid streak as employment levels continue to rise

The US Travel Association believes we are again seeing an acceleration in travel job growth after a lacklustre start to 2018. The association calculated Jul-2018…..