Social media is ‘at the centre of changing travel trends’ and super apps that offer a ‘one-stop-shop for travellers’ are on the way

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One in three UK business travellers are travelling less because of currency volatility; while Brexit uncertainty is also impacting business travel across Continental Europe

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US leisure travellers are open to innovation; ride and home sharing not seen as innovative as seat-back screens, WiFi and Concorde

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Spontaneity in travel is the path to a ‘happier and more content’ life

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Travel is an experience and the activities market in the US now has an estimated worth of USD34 billion

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Targeting UK millennials? New insight shows they will take and spend more on leisure trips during 2019 in spite of the clouds over Brexit

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International tourist arrivals this decade are growing even faster than first predicted

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Baby Boomers are increasingly travelling with a smartphone, seeking out authentic experiences and showing more interest in alternative accommodation options

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