Spontaneity in travel is the path to a ‘happier and more content’ life

Whether we are travelling on business or pleasure, or a mix of both, the key to enjoyment is spontaneity, new research has claimed. This may…..

Travel is an experience and the activities market in the US now has an estimated worth of USD34 billion

Travel suppliers take note – the travel activities market is one of the fastest growing in the US, according to new research from global travel…..

Targeting UK millennials? New insight shows they will take and spend more on leisure trips during 2019 in spite of the clouds over Brexit

The UK millennial outbound market is a key target for foreign destinations – whether they are travelling for business or leisure. In what are positive…..

International tourist arrivals this decade are growing even faster than first predicted

We are bombarded with statistics about the growth of travel and tourism. Despite many global economic tremors – whether natural disasters, political policy, terrorism or…..

Baby Boomers are increasingly travelling with a smartphone, seeking out authentic experiences and showing more interest in alternative accommodation options

Baby boomers are an important market for the travel sector and account for a significant share of the spend across the industry. The grey nomads…..

BCD Travel says, “Move over, pig: 2019 is the year of the business traveller”

2019 is the year of the pig in the Chinese zodiac—but it’s also the year of the business traveller, says global travel management company BCD…..

US Travel Association: International travel trends continue to show slower growth

The US Travel Association has been warning of slowing international travel to the country for some time, and the group continues to caution slowing growth…..

Mexico and New York top the destinations for US air travellers during the holiday season; European demand also on the rise

Airlines Reporting Corp (ARC), a specialist in air travel distribution and intelligence, has revealed Mexico as the largest international market and New York as the largest…..

Seeking European arrivals? Outbound market may see growth slowing in 2018, but the 2019 outlook is ‘positive’

While most eyes are on Asia, Europe remains a major outbound market and continues its steady growth despite recent geopolitical instability worldwide, which studies show…..

Travellers are placing increasing value on experiences that enrich their lives and allow them to share enjoyment and happiness with friends and family – and it’s a global trend

Research from YouGov on behalf of airport experiences specialist, Priority Pass, has found that the trend for experiences over material goods is global. Surveying over…..

India remains home to the world’s most digitally-advanced travellers, says Travelport

India has been crowned champions for the second year in a row as the country with the most digitally-advanced travellers, says Travelport following the release…..