BLOG: Live from Doha – insights from the CAPA Qatar Aviation Aeropolitical and Regulatory Summit

Welcome to live coverage from The Blue Swan Daily of the CAPA – Centre for Aviation Qatar Aviation Aeropolitical and Regulatory Summit in Doha, Qatar. As the foremost…..

Smarter Regulation is more ‘common sense than it is rocket science’ says IATA chief

Aviation is a global industry and this year it will safely meet the transport needs of 4.6 billion travellers. It will power the global economy…..

Winds of change: are we starting to see progress of the Single African Air Transport Market?

For as long as air services have existed Africa has had enormous potential. That it has yet to be achieved is due in large part…..

Unlocking the value of slots at congested airports – How does the aviation industry ensure congestion doesn’t limit growth? 

Airport slots undoubtedly have a “value”, especially at congested facilities. It is sometimes argued that unlocking that value can lead to more commercial outcomes than…..

The future of airline alliances: shifting cooperative paradigms

Historically, three large airline alliances have dominated the competitive landscape. Recently, we have seen the emergence of new cooperative structures and the formation of alternative…..