Facial recognition technology is rapidly being brought into use as a result of the need for zero contact through airports and stations

The days of handing over your passport before checking in for a flight, before boarding and at border controls are almost certainly numbered. As will…..

Madrid has not exactly suffered from having only one airport, but plans for a second now faces airspace complications

The Spanish capital, Madrid, is one of the world’s most popular destinations for business and leisure tourism alike, with an eclectic mix of culture, history…..

Zleep Hotels to debut in Southern Europe with new Madrid airport property

Danish hotel chain Zleep Hotels is to make its debut in Southern Europe with its German co-owner, Deutsche Hospitality confirming plans for the first Zleep…..

Opening the door for Madrid to better compete with Europe’s top hubs – Air Europa slips alongside Iberia into IAG to help deliver 360° hub vision

Iberia’s CEO Luis Gallego has said the International Airlines Group (IAG) around EUR1 billion purchase agreement for Air Europa Lineas Aereas will allow the Madrid…..

Iberia part of collaboration behind new facial recognition pilot project in Madrid as it takes further steps along its digital transformation journey

Iberia, along with the Spanish airports and air traffic control authority Aena, IECISA, Gunnebo, and Thales last week unveiled a facial recognition pilot project at…..

Ciudad Real airport to re-open to commercial traffic. What realistically are its prospects now?

It appears that the Spain’s infamous Ciudad Real ghost airport (the made-up word ‘aeromuerto’ in Spanish) will resume commercial operations on 12-Sep-2019, according to reports…..

Inside Travel: Understanding the latest technology and industry trend insights

Find it hard to keep track with all the latest insights into business trends, new products and technology advancements in the travel sector? The Blue Swan…..

Atlanta retained its #1 global passenger airport ranking in 2018; Beijing continued its growth, but Dubai is stalling

ACI World has published preliminary world airport rankings for 2018. In its opening remarks ACI says passenger traffic remains resilient but cargo hubs have seen…..

AENA‘s nine-month analysis of passengers shows almost two thirds are non-Spanish Europeans

Part-privatised Spanish national airports operator AENA has released statistics on its passenger traffic by geographic origin/destination for the nine months ended 30-Sep-2018 and it makes…..

There’s another proposal for a second Madrid airport, but what’s so different this time? Quite a lot, it appears!

A group of Spanish businessmen have outlined a scheme to develop ‘Air City Madrid Sur Airport’ with a EUR148 million private investment to expand the…..

Airport Insight: Adolfo Suárez Madrid Barajas Airport

Each day this year The Blue Swan Daily uses the extensive insights available to CAPA – Centre for Aviation members to deliver a data snapshot on the…..