Country Insight: #92 – Lithuania

This year The Blue Swan Daily will countdown the world’s 100 largest aviation markets based upon departure seats in 2018. Here, using the extensive profile…..

Lithuania loses another ‘national carrier’, but will Small Planet’s collapse actually impact the country’s airports?

One by one Lithuania’s Small Planet Airlines subsidiaries in Germany and Poland suspended services and went into restructuring until, with an air of inevitability, the…..

airBaltic confirms further 60 aircraft CSeries commitment as it sets course for ‘Destination 2025’

Latvian national carrier airBaltic has entered into an agreement with Bombardier Commercial Aircraft to add up to 60 additional CS300 CSeries aircraft to its fleet…..

EUROPE INSIGHT: Irish market has strongest patriotism to its home airlines

In a world of globalisation national brands are increasingly crossing borders. Even in the highly regulated aviation business airline groupings have found ways around restrictive…..

Vilnius Airport runway repairs concluded on time and on budget; privatisation beckons

Lithuania’s Vilnius Airport, serving the capital of the Baltic country, reopened on 17-Aug-2017 following a 35-day closure for essential runway repairs that were planned well…..