From California Dreaming to takeaways from China – travel proves to be no fairy tale

‘Knowledge is power’ is a famous proverb which states that a person with knowledge can outwit physical strength of any other person. In travel terms…..

The – at times – mystifying world of travel in Kazakhstan as an airport name change is followed by a city renaming and now over a year later with a new airport code

Many travellers would have frowned at airport departure boards across the international networks of Kazakhstan’s air carriers in Mar-2019 when among the recognised cities of…..

Is a move to later travel booking a new trend or simply a symptom of the current environment?

We are seeing a clear move to later travel booking, but right now it is unclear if that is a new trend or simply a…..

Is measuring a traveller’s temperature really enough to safeguard air travel’s return? A layered approach is only way to help reduce traveller risk

Regular travellers, especially those that have flown in to Asia would be accustom to the infrared thermometers that use laser beams to check to the…..

IATA calls for a layered approach to temporary biosecurity measures and recommends it is adopted by governments around the world

With the Covid-19 curve now starting on the downward slope in many countries, airlines and airports are beginning to look at ways to keep passengers…..

On the path to recovery? China’s on top of the world… and it has got everything to do with coronavirus!

We have reported heavily over the past couple of weeks on the green shoots of recovery in China after it was the first country in…..