There have been positive upticks across Europe in global search intent; Greece and Portugal are leading the recovery path and are successfully translating that purpose into bookings

There are encouraging signs that as restrictions are reduced and lifted there will be a significant demand for travel. New research from digital marketing solutions…..

DATA SPOTLIGHT: Aegean Airlines

This year The Blue Swan Daily will feature some of the leading airlines, airports and country markets for air travel. Here, using the extensive profile insights available…..

The sale of another almost third of Athens International airport is confirmed and it has attracted some interesting new (and old) investors

The sale of an additional 30% of Athens International airport, which is held by the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (HRADF), is making progress after…..

Check in! – latest hotel highlights from across EMEA

The Blue Swan Daily brings you a round up of some of the latest hotel news from across Europe, Middle East and Africa. Hyatt grows…..

GMR expresses interest in Greek regional airports, but tourist numbers have faltered in 2019

India’s GMR Infrastructure has expressed interest in concessions to operate regional airports in Greece, including Kalamata International airport. This would be the second tranche of…..

Country Insight: #31 – Greece

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Mamma mia! Greece’s travel and tourism sector is the main driver of its economy and its GDP contribution is almost double the global average

New data from the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) shows that the Greek travel and tourism sector grew at a rate of +6.9% in…..

Crisis, what crisis? Athens Airport continues rapid traffic growth as concession agreement is extended another 20 years

The Greek Parliament is expected to ratify the extension of the Athens International Airport SA’s  concession to run Athens International Airport by a further 20…..

It has been an almost 35 year old story, but the New Heraklion Airport in Kastelli is moving (slightly) nearer to fulfilment

The Greek Court of Auditors has approved a convention for the construction of Kastelli/New Heraklion Airport on the island of Crete, to replace the existing…..

Second wave of Greek airport concessions is under way; mainly island airports, but it will be a hard sell

Greece’s economic problems may not be as evident as they once were but one of the requirements placed on the government by the ‘Troika’ of…..

ANALYSIS: ‘G’ stands for growth in Europe’s forthcoming winter flight programme

As we prepare to enter the winter schedules, ‘G’ most definitely stands for growth in Europe with Gibraltar and Georgia leading the year-on-year capacity increases…..