Second wave of Greek airport concessions is under way; mainly island airports, but it will be a hard sell

Greece’s economic problems may not be as evident as they once were but one of the requirements placed on the government by the ‘Troika’ of…..

Athens International Airport is on the up as there are clear signs the Greek financial tragedy is slipping into history

May 2018 saw the highest monthly passenger traffic figures at Athens International Airport since 2008, a year forever etched in history as the one in…..

European financial institutions’ fund acquires stake in Greek airports

The Marguerite Fund, based in Luxembourg and Paris, has announced that it has acquired a 10% stake in Fraport Greece, the owner and operator of…..

Conflict between private concessionaire and public owner snags airport privatisation efforts in Greece

One of the benefits of leases, concessions, BOT and PPP deals for airports is that the government, be it national, federal or local, typically retains…..