Marriott continues the trend – hotel group latest to remove single-use plastic toiletry bottles in property bathrooms

Whether for business or leisure, hotel guests increasingly want their stays to be more sustainable without any impact on the quality of their experience. First…..

Where airports and the environment clash you just can’t win. Now the world’s leading airport user of solar panels is removing them for fear of flooding

India’s Cochin International Airport Ltd (CIAL) has started dismantling and removing a significant number of solar panels at the airport site, due to concerns from…..

On the bottle – every little bit helps to balance travel and the environment

At all of CAPA – Centre for Aviation’s events there is an attempt to make sure host hotels provide drinking water in – shock horror…..

London Luton’s path to sustainability includes reduced drop-off and pick-up charges for electric vehicles

At airports up and down the UK it is increasingly becoming a chore to drop-off and pick-up passengers, and can be an expensive one at…..

European pressure group calls for the closure of all ‘small’ regional airports that can’t make a profit; such facilities are key for corporate travel and regional development

The assault on the air transport industry by environmental pressure groups is relentless. Buoyed by the impact made by recent demonstrations organised by Extinction Rebellion…..

Are airline carbon offset programmes really effective? – the US perspective

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Investors are increasingly paying attention to environmental responsibility as it becomes ‘a point of pride’ for Delta

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Prada showcases its environmental stewardship through ‘Re-Nylon’ travel bags

Luxury brand Prada has showcased its commitment to environmental sustainability through the introduction of new bags made from plastics and fishing nets collecting in oceans,…..

Can other airports follow Chattanooga’s lead and run 100% on renewable energy?

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The air versus rail debate is strong in Europe, but is there any hope for high speed rail in the US?

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The cost of flying in Europe – continent’s largest airlines will be hit with a EUR5 billion bill from environmental taxes and other payments

Europe’s largest airlines will pay more than EUR5 billion in national environmental taxes and other payments this year, according to lobbying group A4E. This includes…..