The changing competitive landscape: rebuilding Australia’s domestic market and the changing nature of the travel management company

The competitive market in Australia will look very different to what we have become accustomed to and there are many unanswered questions about what the…..

We are already seeing a positive rise in domestic air travel, but which of the world’s largest markets are showing the strongest recovery?

The recovery of travel to all destinations worldwide will depend on a host of factors, not limited to the economy, the speed with which travel…..

On the path to recovery? We can all learn lessons from China as world travel prepares to press the restart button

Recovery from Covid-19 around the world is starting to show green shoots with some regions and countries recovering quicker than others. China, being the first…..

Air France continues its ‘upmarket’ moves with introduction of business class service on its domestic network and into French regions

Air France is this week extending its business class service to travellers on its domestic network and across the French regions. Launching from 04-Feb-2020, but…..

Blue Swan Exclusive Infographic: Domestic Air Travel

The Blue Swan Daily brings you another exclusive infographic, focussing on Domestic Air Travel for Apr-2017, sourced from BITRE data and CAPA. Key highlights include: Domestic…..

Blue Swan Infographic: Australian Domestic Air Travel – March 2017

BITRE Domestic Air Travel – March 2017 Source: BITRE