Airline Insight: Czech Airlines

Each day this year The Blue Swan Daily uses the extensive insights available to CAPA – Centre for Aviation members to deliver a data snapshot on the…..

Prague sets out its stall in the battle for central European airport pre-eminence in 2018

Prague Vaclav Havel Airport reports that passenger figures and growth exceeded the pan-European average in 2017. Traffic expanded by 18.4% over the first 11 months…..

Expats in the City – Manama and Bahrain the hottest places for expatriate life

With summer temperatures reaching up to 50°C (122°F), the Kingdom of Bahrain, an Arab constitutional monarchy and island archipelago in the Persian Gulf, is certainly…..

The Czech Republic’s second airport gets a shot in the arm

A private equity firm that manages funds for investment into industrial enterprises at strategic logistical locations has taken over the lease of Brno Turany Airport;…..