Calling all Travel Managers – share your insights on current travel trends

As borders begin to re-open, how quickly will organisations resume travel? What will be the primary objective of resumed business travel? Will travel programme/patterns change…..

Preparing for the new future – The Corporate Travel Community came together last week in Shanghai for its first 2020 Roundtable Discussion

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‘Those who have knowledge, don’t predict’ – new CAPA Airline Capacity Models project future capacity growth in some of the biggest travel markets

Looking at airline schedules for the remainder of the year continues to provide a false impression on the recovery of air transport. If they were…..

Video of the week – Towards the ‘new normal’ travel programme: perspectives from around the world

Each fortnight, the Corporate Travel Community (CTC) has been presenting a digital masterclass series to its members and the broader corporate travel industry. The series…..

The ‘new normal’ is ‘going to change everything we do in travel’ with travellers requiring structure and better control, but – above all – to feel safe when on the road

Adaptability is increasingly being heralded as the solution to the current coronavirus crisis for the world’s travel and transport sectors and the ‘new normal’ that…..

Redefining the corporate travel programme – how will it look in the ‘new normal’?

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CTC Report: China domestic corporate travel volumes starting to rebound

Travel manager members of the Corporate Travel Community (CTC) and a leading next-generation Chinese travel management company are seeing encouraging signs of the beginnings of…..

Video of the week – Wellbeing: How can we look after our travellers in a post COVID-19 world?

While many of us are in isolation to combat the COVID-19 spread, we are perhaps reminiscing about life before this deadly virus took away much…..

Video of the week – Looking forward at NDC as initial trials grow to critical mass

The NDC topic has been one that has dominated distribution discussions all around the world. If you don’t already know NDC stands for New Distribution…..

Video of the week –  Hotel sourcing and building best practices for mutual success

A corporate hotel programme offers business travellers a list of specially curated hotels matching the specific requirements of any given company. These hotels are generally…..

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Terminator or Westworld – where will artificial intelligence (AI) take us? Probably both and somewhere in between, according to Dr Catriona Wallace, an expert in…..