When honesty is the best policy – Sofia airport concession winners were not favourites, nor highest bidder, but stated brutal truth and promised action

The result of a long-running procedure to find a concessionaire for Sofia airport in Bulgaria has concluded with the award being made to a consortium…..

MAG confirms Sofia Airport concession bid – the Chinese connection seems most important to it

Manchester Airport Group (MAG) has confirmed it has lodged a bid to operate Sofia airport for the next 35 years in partnership with Beijing Construction…..

Country Insight: #72- Bulgaria

This year The Blue Swan Daily will countdown the world’s 100 largest aviation markets based upon departure seats in 2018. Here, using the extensive profile…..

Private airport investment is becoming more attractive in Eastern Europe

Two East European countries, Bulgaria and Romania, have made announcements during the last week which suggest that they are embracing the concept of the private…..