Bitcoin Watch – A dormant USD720 million Bitcoin wallet has woken up

According to CCN, a dormant Bitcoin wallet has just woken up after four years, which could have a disruptive potential in the market place and…..

Bitcoin Watch – Bitcoin lips back toward critical support despite recent gains

Bitcoin and all major cryptocurrencies slipped almost 5% in the last 24 hours, despite positive gains over the last week. Bitcoin itself feel around USD240…..

Bitcoin Watch – Tech investor Tim Draper cryptos poised to become USD80 trillion business

Billionaire tech investor Tim Draper recently spoke DEALSTREETASIA PE-VC Summit 2018 in Singapore, making the prediction that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies will momentarily subside but then…..

Bitcoin Watch – Morgan Stanley set to trade in complex derivatives tied to Bitcoin

According to Bloomberg, US financial institution Morgan Stanley is set to launch trading in complex derivatives tied to Bitcoin. The US bank will deal in…..

Bitcoin Watch – Despite predictions Bitcoin is holding steady

Bitcoin has seemed to level out after a tumultuous first couple of weeks of September. The entire market crashed early in September, losing almost 15%…..

Bitcoin Watch – Yahoo finance: Bitcoin’s recent stumble could turn into a full-blown tailspin

Yahoo finance believes Bitcoin’s recent stumble could turn into a full-blown tailspin, testing its strong support level of USD6,000 again. Bitcoin has dived to around…..

Bitcoin Watch – UAE plans to regulate coin offerings and recognises tokens as securities

Over the weekend, the UAE Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) approved new regulations on initial coin offerings (ICO) in the country, as well as recognise…..

Bitcoin Watch – Cryptocurrencies face a second day of downtrading

Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies have dipped in value for the second day in a row. Bitcoin fell a further 5%, currently sitting at approx……

Bitcoin Watch – Bitcoin’s crashes by almost 6%, while USD20 billion wiped off the crypto market

Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies have all had a tough 24 hours with almost USD20 billion wiped from the crypto market. Bitcoin fell by almost…..

Bitcoin Watch – Bitcoin enjoys upward trend over the weekend, settling around USD7,300

Bitcoin started the weekend just under USD7,000 but enjoyed slow gains to settle this morning at around USD7,300. The current price is the highest in…..