Bitcoin Watch – Venture capitalist Tim Drapper believes Bitcoin will hit USD250,000 within four years

Venture capitalist Tim Drapper, who became famous after early investments in iconic brands such as Tesla, Hotmail and Skype, believes Bitcoin will eventually be bigger…..

Bitcoin Watch – Cryptocurrencies surge hitting 4-week highs

Bitcoin and most major cryptocurrencies have surged over the weekend, hitting 4-week highs. Bitcoin hit a high of USD9,023.8 yesterday, before settling on USD8,970.60 at…..

Bitcoin Watch – Sweden could launch the world’s first central bank operated crytocurrency

Sweden’s central bank has announced it is investigating options to launch its own cryptocurrency. The logic behind the move is to support the country’s population…..

Bitcoin Watch – Crypto hedge fun manager expects bitcoin to reach USD20,000 by year end

Pantera Capital CEO Dan Morehead says USD6,500 is the absolute bottom for bitcoin’s value, and sees the cryptocurrency going to USD20,000 by the end of 2018……

Bitcoin Watch – NY Attorney General to investigate 13 major crypto exchanges

An investigation into 13 major cryptocurrency exchanges trading cryptocurrencies has been launched by the New York Attorney General. In a letter to exchanges such as…..

Bitcoin Watch – Coinbase set to purchase for USD100 million

Coinbase, the popular digital currency exchange, announced it is set to purchase, the technology which allows senders to pay users in digital currency for…..

Bitcoin Watch – Cryptocurrencies spike over the weekend after a hellish week

After high volatility and a two month period of a downward spiral, which shed a considerable amount off each cryptocurrency, a surge over the weekend…..

Bitcoin Watch – JPMorgan sued over fees for cryptocurrency purchases

Reuters have confirmed JPMorgan Chase & Co is facing a lawsuit in the Manhattan federal court accused of charging surprise fees when it stopped letting…..

Bitcoin Watch – Is Bitcoin trapped below USD7,000?

Bitcoin is nearing the USD7,000 price value, despite recent dramatic fluctuations. However, the current figures equate to more than a 64% drop in the last 4…..

Bitcoin Watch – Swiss researchers claim Bitcoin is overvalued

Swiss researchers have used Metcalfe’s law to value Bitcoin, and the result isn’t good news for investors. Metcalfe’s law claims a network’s value is proportional…..